About Us


Integra Homes is a service-oriented builder of quality homes at affordable prices. Just because YOU are beginning your home ownership journey, this doesn’t mean that YOU should have to sacrifice quality, choice or service.

With every new home we build, we draw on over two decades of solid relationships and building experience. Integra Homes is supplying residential homes and home and land packages to Queensland and Victoria.


It is our vision to provide a refreshing commitment to our customers – offering YOU exceptional service, a quality product at a reasonable price. We believe in one on one old fashioned customer service and we think there are customers out there who want that too.

We can help expertly guide YOU every step of the way through your home buying journey because it’s also our belief that when you’re on the path leading to your dream home, YOU shouldn’t have to walk alone.

Building a home should be an exciting and an enjoyable time and we’ll do our very best to make it so.

Build Locations

Brisbane (North, South, East, West and Gold Coast)

Sunshine Coast

Regional Queensland (Bundaberg and Hervey Bay)


The Senior Team



Robert Harder built his first home in 1993 and as a licensed builder his reputation for building high quality and competitively priced homes led to the development of one of the leading residential building companies in South East Queensland, Impact Homes.

Rob was instrumental in Impact Homes realising their goal of becoming Australia’s leading supplier of residential house and land packages for investors. Rob is now focussed on the establishment and growth of Integra Homes, a contemporary designer and builder changing Queensland’s residential landscape.

One of Rob’s most notable and proudest achievements is the design and development of the exclusive iHub software program, which has set a new benchmark in home construction and customer service by allowing new homeowners to log into the Integra website to view and monitor each stage of construction and thus supporting the Integra Homes philosophy – it’s all about YOU!



Janine is a Certified Practicing Accountant, Commissioner of Declarations, and holds a Masters in Professional Accounting and a Bachelor of Business Administration specialising in Human Resources.

Her specialist skills in taxation, corporate governance, financial management, and human resources will make her an invaluable asset to the Integra Homes team and the company’s performance.

She is dedicated to ensuring Integra’s customers receive an optimum return on their investment and that we live up to our “it’s all about YOU” philosophy.



Andrew Clement’s history within the industry dates back to 1996 when he and friend, Robert Harder, built their first spec home together.

His background in carpentry and joinery, engineering, concreting, and building has given Andrew a solid knowledge of the construction industry.

His extensive building experience, skills in troubleshooting, and the constant review of key building and management processes helped fuel the success of Impact Homes.

Now, Andrew is proud to be one of the founders of Integra Homes and will draw upon his recent experience with Impact to grow a new successful force in the Queensland residential real estate landscape.


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