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You can buy your home
with less than you expect!*
Your journey into home ownership doesn’t have to wait until you’ve got a big deposit.
We’ll show you a way to get started sooner than you think!
Integra Homes offers you unique product to get you into the market now at today’s prices AND with minimal savings!
You CAN stop paying rent.
You don’t need to waste any more time saving for your deposit. You can buy an affordable brand new home with repayments that are similar to renting.
You will enjoy the transparency
of Fixed Price Building Agreements.

Once you’ve signed the Building Agreement, you can trust that there won’t be an unending series of additional charges, add-ons or hidden costs.
The price remains the same from when you first sign your agreement all the way through until we hand over the key

You will be guaranteed a 16 week build
– getting you into your home faster!
Integra Homes has proven building
processes in place.
We develop key building partner relationships to negotiate pricing and speedy build times to get you into your home faster.
Quicker build times can reward you with thousands of dollars in savings in rent and furniture storage fees.
And, if you choose, these savings can also translate into adding those indulgent touches of luxury that you wouldn’t have been able to afford if you had used another slower builder.
You can track every step of your
home’s build through the iHub portal.

We provide you with a unique and easy way to track the progress of your home as it is being built.
iHub gives you 24/7 direct online access to your home’s plans, approvals, photos, and milestones.
It’s our way of ensuring you are involved and communicated with every step of the way.
Integra’s proprietary iHub keeps you informed and up to date with all the details of your build without ever having to actually be there.
And, it gives you the opportunity to share this progress with family, friends and anyone else you wish to have involved.

You will be offered a
12 month maintenance period.
Integra Homes offers an incredible 12 month maintenance program.
We know our homes are built to a higher standard.
So rather than just tell you about it, we offer you an entire year of re-assurance.

You’ll experience superior customer
service that is all about you!

We are focused on creating client satisfaction with every build, because we know that our work is all about you.
We do what we say we’re going to do.
We take pride in our product and in our process and we remain accountable, meeting our responsibilities to you.
What this means for you is a hassle-free experience, where you feel supported along the way, where your needs are heard and your expectations are met.

You will enjoy a balance
of quality and affordability.

We design and source the best quality materials, utilising our buying power to achieve economies of scale wherever possible.
Affordable doesn’t mean that you should have to sacrifice quality, choice or service.
We are conscious of finding the right balance between quality and affordability, while still creating contemporary homes that meet the needsof today’s demanding buyers

Full Turn Key Packages

All designs from the Pathfinder series offer buyers a selection of practical contemporary designs to explore.
All of these are offered as full turnkey packages that include everything you need – just move in and enjoy.

Your home will be energy efficient and comes
with a 6 Star Energy Rating

All Integra Homes are built and equipped to a minimum of a 6 Star energy rating, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to sustainable building and energy efficiency.
You will not only benefit from lower energy costs but the peace of mind knowing that your home is built to the most contemporary standards.


“Not only did we get to build a house that we love – with great workmanship and excellent standard features – but we were also able to hold onto our savings.“

– Bernadette Marie


“I cannot fault them and all they did and are still doing for us throughout our build process. Thank you for changing our lives!“

~ Megan Briffa


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