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There is some lending criteria that you must meet to qualify:

  1. Are you employed with a combined household income of $80,000?
  2. Do you have a good credit history?
  3. Do you have a solid rental history with an agent?
  4. Are you eligible for the Great Start Grant (first home buyers grant)?

If you don’t currently meet all of the criteria, please still register your interest as we might be able to offer some suggestions on how you can qualify.

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Get Pre-Approved

  • Hassle free pre-qualification process
  • A variety of brokers available committed to first home buyers
  • No penalties or higher rates for having a low deposit – pay the market rate
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  • Choose from any vacant lot in a community where you want to live
  • Dedicated land acquisition team to help you find the perfect lot within your budget
  • Insider tips to avoid paying excess site costs when selecting land


Choose your home

  • Over 40 full turnkey designs to choose from
  • Choose from multiple interior designer planned colour selections
  • In house drafting and certification  team to prepare your site for construction

Finance Partners

We have a variety of finance partners standing by to assist with applying for finance.
We understand that this is a new process and we have dedicated brokers available to go through
everything from qualifying for the loan, First Home Owner Grant application and settlement.

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