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The first step in the qualifying process is to complete the qualifier form. This gives us some information about your background, your income, your current level of debts, your family position and then we pass that onto the lenders, of which we have nine lenders in the program that we can use and they’ll come back to us with your borrowing capacity. Once we’ve got that borrowing capacity, we then start the fun process of shopping for your brand new house and land package.

The main criteria that the lenders are looking for is that you qualify for the Great Start Grant, that you’re employed, have a stable job and with a minimum income of $60,000 household income, that you have a clean credit history, so there’s no defaults or bankruptcies or anything there and that you have a good rental conduct in your current home.

It is preferred that you’re renting through a real estate agent, so they are the best people to be able to verify that your conduct on your rental has been good. Your real estate agent will either give us a rental ledger or a letter satisfying the lenders needs to have a look at your rental conduct.

Everyone’s financial position is unique and the lenders that we deal with understand that your household position is going to be different to anybody else’s, your level of income, your family position, your number of children, the level of debts that you have, those are the things that the lender’s going to look at. They’ll be looking very closely at your income, your rental history, your repayment history on your loans and your credit history to qualify.

The next step once you’ve got your borrowing capacity is to meet with one of our new home consultants, they’ll sit down with you, explain the entire process from start to finish and assist you in selecting your block of land and your home within your budget.

Integra Homes will build on nearly any new vacant lot of land on the market, so you can select from a wide range of developers, development locations or infill lots that are for sale through realestate.com.au. Integra Homes builds in South East Queensland, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba, we also build in Hervey Bay, Bundaberg and Melbourne, Victoria.

If you’ve found a block of land that you’d like to build on, you simply need to show us the details of the block and we’ll have an investigation on it, to see if it’s a suitable block to build your Integra home. If you don’t have a block of land selected, we can help you find one. You simply need to let us know which areas you’re looking to build in and we will use our internal land department to source you the right block of land for your house and land package.

A clean credit history means that you haven’t had any defaults, judgments or bankruptcies recorded against your credit rating.

When you enquire with Integra Homes, it’s not a full credit application, it’s simply to find out what your borrowing capacity is and whether you meet the minimum criteria of the lenders in order to make your purchase of a new house and land package. Further down the track, when you do advance the process, you will make a formal application with the lender at this stage, but the initial enquiry doesn’t constitute a full application.

Your future borrowings are not affected in the preliminary stages until your loan has actually been formally made with the lender. Once you’ve made the formal application, you’ll need to sign all the lender’s application forms, privacy consents, all those sorts of things, so in the early stages, it doesn’t actually qualify as a full application.

When you build with Integra Homes, your loan won’t cost you anymore than if you had saved a big deposit.

What’s the catch? There is no catch, you simply have to build with Integra Homes.

The only thing that you have to cover as a ‘Low deposit’ home buyer is the interest through construction. The Integra Homes Low Deposit Program covers all your legals, stamp duties and deposit for you to make a purchase of up to $500,000.

Integra Homes has over sixty contemporary designs for you to choose from and you can put that design on any available lot on the market within our building region.

With Integra Homes, your turn-key package is just that, turn-key, you build your house and you move straight in.

It covers everything that you would expect, your floor coverings, window coverings, turf, fencing, landscaping, air conditioning, security screens, driveways, television antenna, clothesline, so the house is ready for you to move in.

Why Integra Homes? With Integra Homes, you can purchase a brand new house and land package, with minimal savings, no legals and no stamp duty. All contracts are fixed price and full turn-key.


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